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Bibi Saves the Honey Bees

Children’s Picture Book

Honey is great! When the hard-working insects that make the tasty treat are in danger, can this determined girl set things right?

 Bibi misses nothing. Playing in the field next door with her best friends, the observant nine-year-old knows every bird, plant, and bug. So when she notices a huge drop in the number of honeybees, she fears something awful has happened.

 Running to her mom for answers, she learns how insecticides and pesticides don’t just kill weeds and aphids but also the good nectar-gatherers. And certain it is easy to grow healthy flowers for the busy buzzers in the family garden, she’s dismayed when her green thumb fails—but refuses to give up. 

 Can Bibi roll up her sleeves, try again, and succeed?

 Bibi Saves the Honey Bees is the charming first volume in the Preserve the Planet children’s picture book series. If you or your child like clever heroines, making a difference, and vibrant art, then you’ll love Judith A. Ewa’s sweet but powerful message.

 Buy Bibi Saves the Honey Bees to cherish the little things today!

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